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Is it a scam? Is the sales message too good to be true? Can you really sit back, relax and get paid thousands of dollars in residual payments?

If you've discovered the site and have been looking for someone who has bought this product before taking that leap then this review will peel back the glossy sales message and give you the answers. Prior to buying this product I came across much distrust and misinformation about by people who hadn't purchased it. There was a real need for information so I decided to take the leap and make the purchase specifically so I could write this informed review. Note that I am not, in any way, a affiliate.

For this review I will be focusing on the getpaidtodraw system which includes; the ebook, instructional videos and database along with access to the systems author Jules Camber (who replies to emails as 'Jamie, President of Champ Entertainment, Inc and Beats365, LLC'). I'll touch on the bonus features towards the latter part of the review. Settle in, this is going to be in depth but I know you'll thank me for it later.

Let's start by getting my opening questions out of the way.

Is it a scam? Absolutely not. This product brings together a great deal of valuable information and a number of different options for earning income through art online that could save you months of research. Some of the opportunities you may not even be aware of. Hence your research may never lead you to them.

Is the sales message too good to be true? In my opinion, yes but not because it is dishonest in any way. Some of the claims are overstated whilst others will take a lot of work to achieve. If you think the money will be rolling in from day one, you'll be disappointed but if you work at it, the potential is there. I'll talk more about this later.

Can you really sit back, relax and get paid thousands of dollars in residual payments? With the information supplies, it is certainly possible. However it will take a lot of work, uploading a lot of images to many sites. Perhaps if you upload as much work as you can for the first 30 days after your purchase the potential is there to sit back and relax later. You won't be doing much relaxing prior to that though.

So what is and who should buy it?

Put simply, is an introduction to a career as freelance commercial artist or photographer (or an introduction to online affiliate marketing if you take advantage of some of the bonus features). It presents you with an introduction to drawing and the art industry along with an introduction to various online opportunities for either uploading your art for residual income or for making yourself available to companies for freelance art,design and photography work.

It's best suited to people who already have some artistic or photographic ability but need some direction in finding opportunities to earn money. If you're an experienced artist, already working freelance, you may find useful additional opportunities but you may also find you already are utilizing many of them.

If you can't draw but can take a decent photo then many of the opportunities will be suited to you.

If you're looking for something that will teach you to draw as well then this system will give you some pointers but you won't be serious competition to a professional artist any time soon.

If you've read the sales pitch and highlighted the points about learning how to sell your paintings on ebay for thousands of dollars as an attractive feature you will be extremely disappointed.

How does work?

Once you have access to the members area you begin by reading the 50 page, 23 chapter, getpaidtodraw ebook. Obviously I'm not going to disclose all the information presented however this is the core component of the getpaidtodraw system so I will make a few comments.

The ebook is most useful as an introduction to all the various opportunities that the getpaidtodraw system puts forward. It does not go into any opportunity in any great detail but as a quick overview it does the job.

The section of the ebook that teaches you how to draw needs to be read in conjunction with the four 'How to draw' videos included in the members area. To be perfectly blunt I found this entire section (which is over one third of the ebook) along with the videos highly inadequate. If this is the standard of drawing that will earn thousands then by all means give it a try. There probably is a market for awkward, child like drawings but you'll have more opportunities if you take the time to learn how to draw properly. There are any number of great how to draw books and free online guides.

If you have any drawing talent whatsoever, after reading the ebook's introduction, skip straight to chapter 13, 'The business' (even the ebook recommends you skip the how to draw sections if you can already draw). Chapter 13 onwards will serve as a useful introduction to all the various opportunities but does not cover any in detail.

For example, the section that talks about ebay gives you a basic overview on how ebay works and how to list your item but does not give any tips at all on how to sell your paintings for thousands of dollars. In fact you'll get more information about how to sell on ebay from the ebay website its self or by reading my own tips for selling your art on ebay than you will from getpaidtodraw.

I'm using the ebay section as an example because I know many artists struggling to get good prices for their art on ebay who might focus on getpaidtodraw's overstated claim. There is no magic formula for selling art on ebay. You must work hard to build a market in order to get the high prices.

The focus of the getpaidtodraw sales message is earning an income from submitting artwork to various web sites however that isn't the focus of the ebook in terms of opportunities. The areas of the art and design industry it covers include a considerable number that sound like regular jobs in this particular field. In other words it's you promoting yourself as a freelance artist to companies whether they be online or not. Noting that it does give you a couple of online marketplaces for finding freelance work.

If you're just starting out the ebook will give you many choices for what direction to take. If you're already working freelance you may not find it as useful but there may be one or two things there that you haven't yet discovered.

Once you've read the ebook and watched the four 'how to draw' videos there are two more videos to watch. One will tell you how to make a web site. The other will tell you how to sign up with, Google Adsense and Google Adwords. You'll need these if you want to get into the affiliate marketing side of earning income online however they have very little to do with getting paid to draw (and more to do with becoming a affiliate).

Note that there are also four extra bonus videos in the members area, again relating to affiliate marketing and Pay Per Click selling.

Next up is the database. This is probably the most useful section of the site and includes sites that will pay for your drawings as well as details for many advertising agencies (all USA based). The advantage here is that Jules (or is that Jamie) lists sites that he recommends. One assumes that these are the sites that produced the outstanding income results in his sales pitch, therefore you can get started right away submitting to them.

Whether you will have the same good fortune is another thing entirely. I've looked at the top two sites recommended and I have to say, it is a competitive market where your images will have to stand out against thousands of images. In fact the process is not dissimilar to trying to make your art stand out if you sell paintings on ebay. The difference being that by submitting to these web sites your work can be purchased over and over again - potentially many times in a single day (that's what residual income is all about).

Note that I'm deliberately not mentioning the names of any sites because I don't want to devalue the getpaidtodraw product by giving you the information for free. This review is intended as a guide of what to expect after all.

The final piece of the getpaidtodraw system is access to it's author Jamie. Before writing this review I did contact Jamie to comment on some of my thoughts about his product. He was very prompt in sending his replies - usually by next day.

We didn't get off to a great start as he at first accused me of not reading the ebook (note to anyone with an ebook... if someone purchased your ebook then it's highly likely they will read it first before contacting you. On the other hand if your ebook was free then there is every chance it will have been placed in a folder somewhere for 'later'. I have at least ten or more free ebooks waiting for my attention).

However, once I made it clear that I had read it, he was more forthcoming with responding to my concerns. I won't go over those concerns as most of them I've highlighted above in areas where I think the product is lacking but this is what Jamie had to say regarding customer feedback he's received:

"We here at GPTD receive great member testimonials. Alot of them are very happy to have learned these tactics existed, and love the customer service, because when an artist emails us, I personally help them "calibrate" their presentation. We receive alot of positive testimonials from members, but skepticism from visitors (Who are non-members.)"

Jamie also said this in relation to sales of the getpaidtodraw system:

"From the numbers on the back end, and the customer satisfaction polls at our retailer, the numbers are very good. It is not a top selling product because it is not in a major niche, but customer satisfaction is extremely high. It has to do with the fact that it is not just an ebook, but a pretty good one and has a complete database and videos..."

My purpose in highlighting these two quotes from Jamie is to show that, from his point of view at least, the majority of people buying his product are happy with their purchase. It also demonstrates Jamie's willingness to respond to emails should you have questions.

To finish up, I'll briefly mention some of the bonus materials you receive with your purchase.

Bonus 1: The Profit Arsenal - 7 ebook course. To be honest, I'm not sure if I even received this? More ebooks on affiliate marketing I think? If I did download them, they're probably in a folder somewhere.

Bonus 2: The complete graphics champ ecourse and system. These are a series 12 short videos, available in the members area, teaching you various aspects of using Photoshop (a staple piece of software for digital artists everywhere). From what I understand from Jamie these videos are rotated each month, which gives you reason to come back for more.

Bonus 3: Real Personal Support via Email & Total Guidance. Jamie does encourage you to contact him all through out the members section for advice on your drawings and photos. As I've shown above his response time is pretty good.

SUPER BONUS 4: Exclusive "Machine Gun Marketing Pocket Guide". If you're into Pay Per Click marketing (if you're into affiliate marketing then the answer is 'yes') then this guide will teach you how to get the most from your Google Ad Words campaigns.

To sum up this lengthy review I'm going to give my personal opinion and experience as a customer to date.

I purchased the system about 3 weeks ago and to date have not made a cent. Not because it doesn't work but because I've been slow off the mark putting it into practice. (I already earn a good proportion of my income from freelance design and ebay so getpaidtodraw is getting no credit for that). My point being, that you're more likely to look and think it's all too hard. I did and I'm familiar with many of the concepts presented.

However, I paid for it so I'm going to persevere.

My interest is in the key selling point of uploading images to web sites for residual income earnings. For the two top sites in the getpaidtodraw database it is not quite as simple as upload your art, then sit back and watch the money roll in. These sites have guidelines and approval processes to contend with. Both require a scanned copy of either a passport or drivers license to verify your identity (if you have an issue with privacy then this isn't for you).

If you're a photographer then jpeg images are fine but if you're an illustrator, vector graphics are more desirable on the two top sites (if you don't know what a vector graphic is then you'll need to get hold of a copy of Adobe Illustrator or software that supports Adobe Illustrator eps format, and learn!). Hence it's much easier to get started if you're a photographer with getpaidtodraw's system.

I have hundreds of sketches I could submit but none are vector graphics and I'm still trying to get hold of software that will save vector graphics in the required Adobe Illustrator 3, eps format.

Some of you that have looked at the claimed income earning potential on the site will be saying this looks like a get rich quick scheme even though it states right off the bat it's not. I can tell you from my own experience that some of the figures quoted such as $3400 for a logo is not that unusual in the design industry. If you think they sound a lot then you haven't worked as a designer.

Logo's in particular can earn a considerable amount of money simply because they are reproduced across an entire organizations promotional material and will represent that organization for many years. If you were designing a logo for a brand like Coca-Cola would you want to be paid for just the time it took to design the logo with out any compensation for how often that logo was used to help sell a product? What if the logo was used world wide and all you were paid was $200 for your time to design it? Would you charge $200 the next time Coca-Cola asked you to design a logo?

Now we're getting off topic.

To conclude, is not a get rich quick scheme. It does overstate it's sales pitch, especially with this line "You will not need to work after you upload photos!" My advice: don't quit your day job just yet - better wait and see how much your photos earn first!).

However, if you use the resources and the ebook information as an introduction to further research , with a lot of work, it could lead to a high paying career as a freelance, commercial artist. From my own personal experience of working as a freelance artist/designer, even on my meager hourly rate, when it pays, it pays well. Better than working in a cubical. That's why I do it. is not a scam but it isn't easy money either. How much you earn will depend on how much effort you're prepared to put in. What this is, is a good head start for a one off price with no more to pay.

Footnote: Since writing this article Jamie has clarified that Jules Camber and himself are two separate people. Jamie is the owner and operator of the web site and runs the marketing. Jules Camber designed the product. Jamie has also worked on parts of the members section, but the main system was put together by Jules.


  1. Thanks for the review Tet. It was well worth the read and appreciated.
    And as for the network. Some of ud are so busy we can't interact that much but we do stop in to read when possible so don't give up on it please.

  2. Thanks for reading Kayleen. Glad you found it worthwhile.

    The network does need some kind of rethink. It's not quite doing what I had in mind.

  3. I vote Keep The tourist lounge! It's very useful! And thanks for the information on get paid to draw!
    I'm sending you a private email tonight.
    Sherri Westfall

  4. Just to let you know that I read all this blog, and even clicked onto some of the links. I read your tips for selling on ebay. Did that earn a special place anywhere, as I thought it was very good?

    None of this id any use to me of course. I can draw, but haven't done any for years. My artist talent in drawing and painting was never developed when I left school by going to such as art school.

    I know it's never too late to take up painting, but I tend to write instead, or do poetry, but that's only when I go to my Writer's Circle. I can't alway find time for that, so wouldn't have time to draw for a living, or a hobby really.

    I have quite a busy life, and the things on the computer take up alot of my time, as well as my social groups.

    I do spend a lot of time at home though as well,about every second week when it's not my social things, so don't know why I can't find time to write on a regular basis. All a matter of being disciplined to allott the time I suppose.

    Also, you have to go to bed earlier, so you can get up earlier, thus have more hours in the day, which isn't easy for a night owl like me with bad habits of a lifetime! Keep saying I must re-organise my routine into something more realistic and workable, but I keep sticking!

  5. Thanks Mum. The ebay tips I wrote for a competition as part of an ebay promotion for writing ebay guides. Unfortunately a guide on buying colour pencils (of all things) beat me in my category. However I continue to receive emails telling me how useful my ebay tips have been to artists attempting to sell their own work.

    The paid to draw article above was targeted at people looking for information about the product (I've seen many people online asking about it). I'm not recommending the product, I'm simply giving people my honest opinion so they can make an informed choice over the gloss of the sales pitch.

  6. Very good review. I am thinking to get this product as I am an artist and new to freelancing. But do you know of any UK products? Everything seems to come from the US!

  7. I don't know of anything specific from the U.K. so I can't help you there. However since this product is entirely electronic and the opportunities it presents are limited by geographical location you shouldn't have any problems.

    I would also highly recommend Steve Popkin's course (see link at the bottom of this page and I've also written a review which you should be able to find by using the search box below). If you're selling your own original art then his course is hands down, one of the best value I've come across. Plus he backs it up with free, semi regular podcast interviews talking with professional artists.

  8. thank you so much for these review..i was really really thought it was a huge scam...i'm a artist...i enjoy drawing alot..thank u... good review..would it be a problem if i have the old Adobe Illustrator 8.0

  9. Hi ockomage, It would depend on the individual sites and their file format requirements as to whether AI8 files are okay but personally I can't imagine why they wouldn't be. (Esp. if AI3 files were the standard when I wrote this review nearly a years ago.)

    Remember though, if you buy this system, what it offers requires a lot of work to achieve. It's not a 'sit back and watch the money roll in' scheme - though it could be if you're prepared to do the work at the beginning.

  10. Hi: Thanks for your input on this course. That's an honest evaluation of, but I'll stick with

  11. Thanks mate, helpful information!

  12. So...thanks for all that research, time & info. I'm curous - have you stuck with it? And has it been more lucrative for you? I only just chanced upon & am researching before i decide to buy. I am a talented artist, (need to learn computer art programs more tho') living in Australia needing some direction for my art, & have dreamed of a way I can work on projects from home or anywhere in the world - with real clients with real money & real possibilites...Thanks heaps!!

  13. It depends on what you mean by 'stuck with it' justdoit? Some of the things the program suggests I was already doing (and am still doing) such as selling on ebay and working as a freelance artist. So I don't give the program credit for that.

    However I've never submitted any work to the kind of sites the getpaidtodraw system is promoting, not because they don't work or you can't make the kind of revenue it suggests but because I just haven't. Too busy doing other things.

    There are plenty of options where you can earn a living from your art online and work from anywhere but all of them require as much effort and dedication as a full time job to make them pay the real money.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Whether a graphic's tablet is a good idea or not I can't tell you. If you want to learn digital painting then you'll need one but you can get by without one. I don't have one and I create a lot of digital graphics for web sites. A flatbed scanner and/or digital camera is probably just as useful (both of which I have).

    You could try a site like, or All of which let you set up shops to sell prints of your art. I have a shop at all three but only promote my redbubble and cafepress shops.

    Then you could do your own search for Royalty free graphic library sites and become a submitter of work (these are the sites that paidtodraw is promoting as the high income earners).

    Try this link: 40 places to sell your designs online. It's a great article on Mashable's blog.

  16. Hey thanks so much 4 the info David! I'll check it all out.

  17. BTW - I removed my previous post just b4 this one & posted it here 'cos there was a massive gap/ blank space ;-) (so, no need 2 reply of course)

    Thanks David, I've just been reading "The Thriving Artist" blog - as you suggested. Unfortunately his course website is closed. Still, some useful & encouraging info on the blog.
    Any other tips re: where/how to exploit my artistic talent for some income using the internet?
    I only just really started looking into this am still researching- but any info you might have to offer would be much appreciated.
    I don't think I want to subscribe to getpaidtodraw at this point...perhaps in the future.
    I thought It may help if I get a "tablet" for drawing. Your thoughts?

    Thanks again!!

  18. "You will not need to work after you upload photos."

    That is poor English, but it sounds intentionally poor.

    "You can quit your job" Noooo, they are saying...

    "You don't have to do anything to make money after you uploaded." EG, the money part happens without your further intervention. EG, you don't have to go out and direct people to your drawings, they will find you through the services.

    Is it a scam? Not in my OPINION. Is it worth it... Possibly. Is it worth it to me? No.

    You are buying information. The flaw is that you are buying free public information, and paying for the worst marketing service in the world.

    How do you make money drawing? Sell it... There is my free advice.

    Where do you sell it? Where you see art sold. If you can't find a place to sell it, chances are, no-one else can. (How is it going to sell if it can't be found?)

    Ebay, Blogs, Twitter, Google-search, Free websites, Image hosts, Myspace, Facebook, etc...

    That is where people are, and they are searching with search-engines that frequent those sites. Be a pimp to your art.

    What does it take? An image with comments...

    {Image of a dog on the lawn}
    Comments: dog, lawn, green, grass, k9, drawing, buy, sell, gift, custom, art, draw, holiday, pug, etc...

    Boom... now google sees it... Sign up for the comment service, and re-comment that image... go to other search engines, and recommend those, build a web-page and link to it with those comments.

    Instant exposure...

    Pay me $35.00 and I will tell you how again, and again, and again.

    Ad-words is just a perk. It DOES earn you extra money with each image.

  19. Regarding JD-Mortals comments, I just wanted to say that I did buy the product and was sadly disappointed & somewhat angered by the poor quality of information this product provides.

    There are video tutorials provided which are really bad quality & hard to see what's going on- particularly when you want to see what is happening on the screen they are working on.
    Also, it felt like being taught by a "Lazy college or high school student" or whatever the guy says about himself to sell his product. What was I thinking?!!

    Also, I sent an email with a query & the reply I received was -
    "How did you get my personal email address? I'd be happy to help".
    I replied that I merely clicked on the link on their site & could he please help with my question...
    I never heard back.

    As to the integrity of these guys, I also noticed that if you google "get paid to draw scam", some of the ads (adwords) on the right hand side of that google page that show up, actually take you straight to their they are NOT reviews at all, and simply a sneaky way of getting more hits to their site & them getting paid for people clicking on their DECEITFUL links.

    Look for them on youtube, and you will see some of this poor quality video footage.

    There's plenty of free info out there on the net...and youtube has some good tutorials.

    As the age old motto goes..."Buyer Be Ware" - I've certainly learned my lesson from it & If you've been reading this wondering "Should I?", I hope this helps you in your decision.

  20. It's good to see people adding their opinions and experiences of this product. I'd certainly like to hear more.

    If you are considering buying this product based on my review please note that the review was written back in December of 2007. It is, therefore, an old product that the creators may or may not be as enthusiastic about as they used to be.

    I agree with Justdoit in that most of the information within the ebook for this product is available for free however if you want to save some time gathering it all together then purchasing the ebook will do that.

    The product is targetted at complete beginners to the art world who may never have heard about many of the opportunities it talks about. Particularly the idea of contributing to stock image web sites as a way of earning money (it's not an obvious career path if you didn't know that many companies purchase stock images for articles, brochures and more).

    Whilst JD_Mortal's simplistic overview of how to sell your art is valid it's only a small portion of what you could be doing with your art online to earn income. There are far more opportunities in selling prints and digital images online than there is in just selling your own physical artworks via a web site.

    With some market research on what kind of images sell on stock image sites you could certainly make quite a decent income from selling the same image over and over again.

    What you get out of the paidtodraw system is exactly what you put in. This is not a free ride to easy money no matter what the sales message says. You have to put the information to good use and work at it.

  21. Getpaidtodraw is a scam. It's been reported to ScamXposer for review. By the way, your statement is a cop-out. "I'm deliberately not mentioning the names of any sites because I don't want to devalue the getpaidtodraw product by giving you the information for free." Why not? Giving information for free shouldn't be a problem for you unless you care more about money than people. The information itself is valueless unless you put it to use and work extremely hard to potentially earn an income. Hard work gets you paid. Information should be free, and if you gave a damn about people, you would give out some information at least. You could share one website where one might sell his/her drawings. Just admit that this is bullshit.

    1. Fair point... is one of the many sites this program lists where you earn royalties from the photos you upload.

      At the time I reviewed it, Getpaidtodraw, delivered a real information product. Some of it of dubious quality as noted in the review but definitely not a scam - regardless of where they've been reported to.

      I bought the product, gave it my honest review and am not an affiliate - so I don't earn a cent from anyone clicking links in my article to buy it.

  22. Curious why you did not include any information on the actual out-of-pocket cost(s) we would face.

    1. All of the initial out of pocket costs are in the initial purchase of the product, which you can find out on the sales page. Any costs after that depend on what path you choose to follow based on the information you're purchasing.


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