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Laugh and think...this is Australia...

Red Dachshund Wiener Sausage Dog on Skateboard Racerback Tank Top by TET. Available on RedBubble . The title of this post is a line from a song. I can't remember who sings it but the full verse goes something like this:  Out on the patio we sit,  And the humidity we breathe,  We watch the lightening,  Out on the cane fields,  And laugh and think,  This is Australia.   Not that I've ever seen lightening out on the cane fields but the sentiment resonates with me with regards to the weather.  In this country, in Summer, it gets hot - think hot to the point where it doesn't matter if you wander round buck naked you still won't feel cool.  What bugs me about this is not the heat but the people who have lived here all their lives yet, still complain about it.  There's not a lot you can do about the weather except endure it. Stay indoors, crank up your air conditioner and get on with your life.  Don't complain to me that your hot because, if you haven't noticed, I&

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