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New Cat Art Collaboration: TET's Cats Paintings and OpenArt AI Model Workspace (Photobooth)

TET's Cats AI generated art trained on my own art style. Way back in the early 2000's I started painting stylized cat artworks to illustrate some cat themed poems I'd written, that I exhibited and sold online in an exhibition titled 'Sleeping Cats' in 2004. You can see all these early works in my Flickr Album . Many are also available to buy as prints in my RedBubble Store . Leading on from that I began selling my paintings on ebay where the cat themed works were almost guaranteed to sell over any other subject I painted. As a result I became some what known for my cat art to the point where people would commission me to create images of their own pet cats in my cartoony style. Flash forward a decade (almost two at this point) and I haven't painted any cat themed art in years. To be honest I haven't done any traditional painting at all in years. In the last couple of years AI image generators have really caught my attention. Specifically that they are able t

Fourier Intelligence Launch General-Purpose Robot, GR-1 - The World's First Mass Produced Humanoid Robot (Robot Uprising Update)

Concept image of Fourier Intelligence's GR-1 Humanoid Robot in its final form. In even more proof that the movie I Robot is actually a documentary sent from the future, Fourier Intelligence launched their GR-1 General Purpose, Humanoid Robot at the  World AI Conference in Shanghai. CEO and Co-founder of Fourier Intelligence, Zen Koh, envisions the GR-1 as a caregiver, therapy assistant, or even as a companion at home for the elderly who live alone. Definitely something seen in the I Robot movie. It's not surprising given that Fourier Intelligence is a robotics company that specializes in developing rehabilitation robots and exoskeletons to help people regain their motor skills like walking and using their hands etc. What impresses me most about the GR-1 is just how light weight and streamlined it looks. There's really not a lot to it in the way of bulky hardware (like we've seen with Boston Dynamics, Atlas robot for example). The torso barely looks to have too much

Ultimate Lego Skateboard Built by LEGOLAND California Master Builders is Indestructible Says Braille Skateboarding

The LEGOLAND California Skateboard in action at Braille Skateboarding. Ever since Braille Skateboarding started their You Make It, We Skate It series and began receiving the occasional Lego skateboard, that would barely last a round of very delicate skating before snapping apart on the most basic of skateboard tricks, I've long thought it possible to make a Lego skateboard that would hold up. If they just built it right. Highlight Braille Skateboarding episodes from their YouTube Channel featuring Lego. Click to enlarge. I was going to step you through a history of Braille Skateboarding and Lego Skateboarding creations but it is quite extensive and most end up the same way... broken. Instead I've included a graphic of the videos you'll find if you go to the Braille Skateboard Channel and search Lego Skateboard . (You'll actually get a lot more than this but many have little or nothing to do with Lego). In particular I'd draw your attention to Episode 217 of their

Robot Uprising Update: World's Most Advanced Humanoid Robot, Ameca, Draws a Cat - Human Cat Artist, TET, May Be Obsolete

It turns out the movie iRobot , staring Will Smith, may actually be a documentary from the future (and that's not the first time I've said this ) in which the world's most advanced humanoid robot, Sonny, draws an 'artwork' based upon a dream. While Sonny claims he can't create a great work of art he clearly can draw from memory. You can see this scene from the movie in the video below. Sonny's 'Bridge Dream' artwork - iRobot Movie. In a clear case of life imitating art, robotics company, Engineered Arts uploaded a video (below) of the  World's Most Advanced Humanoid Robot, Ameca, Drawing a Cat . At the end of  the video Ameca proclaims if you don't like her drawing you probably do not understand art. Ameka's Cat Drawing - Engineered Arts. Some of you reading this blog may know that I made a fairly decent living from drawing and painting my own stylized, cartoon cats around a decade or so ago (video below shows a time lapse of me paintin

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