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The Black Dog with Fire eyes... Angry Depression, Mental Health, and Shouting at Inanimate Objects

Angry Grrr Dog by TET. Available at Redbubble . Winston Churchill described his depression as 'The Black Dog' a constant but unwelcome companion. My Black Dog has fire eyes these days. Suppressed rage. It's hard when you're smart enough to know that letting this black dog loose on the world would be a destructive thing. This dog you can only exercise on your own. Shouting at inanimate objects when no one's around because they frustrate you beyond all proportion. Spitting the most foul of obscenities at them through clenched teeth. It doesn't make you feel better. If anything you feel worse. Wishing you could really unload on the real object of your anger but knowing that you wouldn't achieve anything if you did. Managing a black dog is a difficult thing. Managing an angry black dog is harder still. The Black Dog with fire eyes.

Moving Closer to God... Renting, Religious Schools, and Moving Three Feet to the Left

Born Again Skater Framed Print by TET. Available from Redbubble . The last three weeks of March my family and I went through the process of moving house. Our new home is much closer to the kids school - which is a private, religious school. Hence the title of this entry, we've moved closer to God. That's about as religious as this article is going to get because it's really about moving house and not a lot to do with God. Anyone who has ever rented a property will understand how moving house becomes an inconvenient but necessary process that is the equivalent of picking up everything you own and moving it three feet to the left. Invariably you never move very far from your last home because staying within the same community is paramount. It's bad enough changing houses without having to change all your friends and local hangouts too. In order to help fund our move we held a garage sale over two weekends. We managed to raise a quarter of the money we needed. What we didn

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