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Interview with One of the Most Recognizable Artist Models of All Time

High Class Poodle Framed Art Print by TET. Available from RedBubble . Woody is a professional, nude artist's model who works exclusively in my studio. With finely, chiselled features and a natural talent for not speaking and remaining motionless I thought it was time to ask the tough questions... Woody and TET. TET: So how did you get the name 'Woody'? Woody: In a spontaneous lack of creativity, you gave me that name knowing full well that the opportunities for innuendo would make this interview so much easier to write. TET: Hmmm...well it seemed like a good idea at the time but now I'm not so sure. How is life as a eunuch? Woody: Would you get your head out from between my legs and ask some real questions! TET: Okay...What's it like being an artist's model? Woody: It's actually quite demanding. I have my limbs twisted every which way and then I have to hold a pose sometimes for hours, even days. TET: Would you compare it to a kind of perf

Broadband, YouTube, a New Laptop and Film Making - An Historical Reflection on Transitioning from Dialup Internet

Ibis Skater Evolved, Bin Chicken to Skateboard Pro, Evolution of a Bird by TET.  Available from RedBubble Prior to getting broadband internet access I, like many of you, only had dialup internet, and for the most part was happy with it. I never experienced the speed of broadband until the day our house switched to it. I could never have imagined just how much more the internet had to offer and the possibilities that would arise from that simple change. I thought that because I didn't download a lot of video that I didn't really need broadband. I now realise that I didn't download a lot of video because I didn't have broadband.  Discovering YouTube has been like having someone finally stop choking you so you can really enjoy a breath of fresh air. Just browsing the video clips is better than watching real free to air television.  Many of the clips are made by average, everyday people who's best chance of ever getting on TV would be as part of a studio audience. Some

I can paint cats... A Controversial Commentary on Abstract Expression Versus Subjective Art

The Dream Chaser Laptop Sleeve by TET. Available from RedBubble . The video, below, will no doubt be a bit controversial so let me say from the outset, I do like good abstract expressionist art. In fact I am in awe of artists who can create work in this genre that holds my attention. Also, if you're not familiar with my art, you need to know that I have painted more pictures of stylized cats than any other animal. What frustrates me to no end is abstract expressionist artists who compare my art to that of a skilled crafts person and imply that I am not a real artist. What they mean is that I have learnt how to draw and paint much like a craft person learns how to turn wood or knit a jumper. My work lacks true expression and does not reveal my inner being in the way abstract expressionist, non-representational artwork does. In doing so they imply that their art is a higher art than mine. Total rubbish. Abstract Expressionism is like every other art form. It can be learned. The more

Ebooks, battery life, and the humble stack of paper. An Historic 2006 Article on Books & Life Before Mobile Tablets Became a Thing

The ebook, or electronic book, has not quite caught on as a cool, mass consumer product largely because of the medium used to deliver it. Namely the computer. Even the smallest of laptop computers don't quite have the convenience of that humble stack of paper, glued or stitched down one side, more commonly referred to as a regular 'book'. Regular books come in all shapes and sizes, the most convenient of which is known as the 'paperback'. Paperbacks are just the right size to read without straining the eyes and are just small enough to take up hardly any room in a bag, briefcase or maybe even a large coat pocket. Not with standing their use as 'brain food' their durability knows no bounds. They are still readable even after being used to prop up a wobbly table or having been thrown at an annoying colleague's head (not that this happens often but it happens). Laptops have the annoying habit of being bulky and not very hard wearing at all. Even if your lap

Mental Poison, Bread, and the Passive Control Freak. Little Annoyances Playing Upon Your Mental Health.

I don't need Therapy I just need to go to the Skatepark T-Shirt by TET. Available on RedBubble . I am a passive control freak. Which means that I organize my life just the way I like it, and I get really annoyed when someone else comes along with their way of how things should be done. Yet I won't do anything about it. Instead, I'll let these little annoyances fester in my head, building up with successive annoyances until my thoughts are circling around the culprits, imagining everything I'd like to do to them for bringing chaos to my world. Mental poison. A recent example of the kind of annoyance I'm talking about was highlighted in an argument I watched on an episode of Australian Big Brother - Season 6 between contestants Camilla and Darren. Camilla had cut herself some pieces of bread and Darren was incensed that she'd cut slices from the new loaf instead of cutting them from an already started, existing loaf. Now, obviously, I fall on Darren's side of

My first Vlog entry is so interesting! One Creator's Very First YouTube Video from 2006

TET records his first vlog entry,  30th July 2006 In the spirit of my past blog entries such as My first blog entry is more interesting than yours and The infamous second blog entry I felt it only fitting that my first video blog entry should be equally lame. [2021 Note: Both blog entries no longer exist online falling to the demise of Yahoo Profiles that used to include a personal blog and have not been archived by the Way Back Machine .] That way things can almost certainly get better from here on in. Enjoy (or not) - you'll be back I'm sure! Just press the 'play' button to view the video. Not sure what it's like on dialup [2021 TET - Yes, dialup was still a thing in 2006] but works good on broadband.

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