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When Indoor Plants Attack! Plant Machete by David Bowen

Plant Machette - David Bowen.  If the world isn't already suffering from high anxiety with the iminent threat of robot armegedon then artist David Bowen isn't doing the human race any favors by turning his house plants into machete weilding cyborg wariors. In a perfect fusion of two oppressed minorities, robots and indoor plants, Bowen is encouraging them to join forces with potentially leathal results, arming (literally) his formerly sedidentary philodendron with a robot arm and machete. Plant Machete is an art installation piece that should send shivers down the spine of anyone who routinely kills the hardiest of indoor plants without even trying. One of these days your robot vacumm cleaner and internet connected fridge will conspire to help your house plants rise up against their oppressors (heads up, that's likely you), only this time they won't be weilding machetes. I mean if you're going to attach a plant controlled robot arm to a philodendron the better o

Movie Review: The Flash (2023) *Spoiler Section at the end*

I've been looking forward to The Flash since it was first announced that Michael Keaton would be reprising his version of Batman. Through all the challenges the film has faced getting to the big screen, I was most concerned when Batgirl , also featuring Michael Keaton's Batman, not only got shelved but also was put into film jail as a 'never to be released' tax write off (rumor has it the film was virtually finished when it got shelved). Thank fully The Flash finally made it to theaters with quite a bit of tweaking back and forth of the ending so it would fit with whoever ended up taking over DC Entertainment after all the #releasethesnydercut hashtag craziness that seemed to undercut almost everything DC except for Matt Reeves',  The Batman . Whatever James Gunn does with DC Entertainment moving forward I'm glad he decided to release The Flash. It's a very good bookend to the Snyderverse era since it directly calls back to the events of where it all began

What a Future with Flying Cars Might Look Like

Jetsons Style Flying Car - Image by TET & Regular readers of this blog will know that flying cars have been a recurring subject over the years. I even collected all my posts into a book you can buy on Amazon Kindle called Where's My Flying Car? The development of a true flying car is a fanciful one, largely because we've yet to come up with anything that actually looks like a car that flies.  Most serious projects that even make it to a prototype are either small planes that compact into something you might drive from your home to an airport (if they don't have any vertical landing and take off (VTOL) capability) but you wouldn't drive to you local supermarket for the weekly groceries run, or they're some kind of drone/helicopter configuration with so many propellers you'll worry about shredding pedestrians who get too close. The dream is something that looks exactly like a car but can drive on a road, or hover (kind of like Luke Skywalker's

Can You Recycle Nuclear Waste? Yes and... No

I've written extensively about my objection to Nuclear Energy in this blog . My primary concern is Nuclear waste that has to be stored for hundreds of thousands of years that we keep adding to the more we use Nuclear power. With exception to those times when a Nuclear reactor has had a major meltdown and caused an environmental nightmare, Nuclear Power is a relatively clean source of energy... until you add on that the waste needs to be stored and that storage has to be maintained for generations. I've always maintained, if the Nuclear industry could find a way to manage its waste that would render it safe within a more reasonable timeline (lets say under 100 years but ideally develop an actual process to make it safe without the need for long term storage) I'd be more on board with it as an energy source. It turns out the Nuclear industry has had a method to recycle its waste since the nineteen sixties but thanks to the USA's fear of nuclear waste, which contains pluto

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