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Dog Star Football and Fringe Benefits - Further Progress (Part 3)

Fringe Benefit with corrected background. Continuing on from Part 1 and Part 2 I decided to put Dog Star Football to one side for now and focus entirely on the Fringe Benefit painting. This artwork needed to be finished by the day before I'm writing this post so it could be part of an exhibition at The Gawler Community Gallery . As well as that I felt it needed my full attention because the start I had made in Part 2 wasn't quite right. The background was too red rather than the more blueish/purple that I had in mind. Hence, the first thing I did was repaint the background as you can see in the video below. As I said in the above video I had thought I might even finish the artwork in that session but as it turned out it took two more sessions combined into one video (below) to get this artwork completed. I'm really not used to painting at such a small scale with acrylics so, whilst these videos may make my process look effortless, I can assure you there was

Dog Star Football and Fringe Benefits - Further Progress (Part 2)

My entire paint set. I have to admit, I find committing myself to painting again something of a struggle. I haven't done any additional work to either painting until today, a week after I started and wrote Part 1 to this series of blogs. Why have I not worked on them until today you may ask? Well today I needed to write about my progress in this blog post so... I thought I'd better... you know... 'progress'. It's not that Dog Star Football or Fringe Benefit are particularly hard paintings to create, well, Fringe Benefit is a bit harder than usual but not by much. If I just follow my process they'll turn out just fine. It's just that I need to start painting pictures that have more meaning to me than my previous work has. Start really painting the things I want to paint and stop painting things that will result in a nice painting but doesn't really say more than that. Anyhow, enough navel gazing. Here's where I'm at with the current

Dog Star Football and Fringe Benefits - Painting Again (Part 1)

In my New Years Resolutions post I said I wanted to do more painting this year and now I've finally made a start with two paintings, 'Dog Star Football' and 'Fringe Benefit'. The keyword here is 'start'. This is the first of a series of posts and video diaries documenting the progress of these two artworks. One is destined to be my first artwork in a while that I've listed on Ebay, whilst the other will be exhibited at The Gawler Community Gallery during this coming March. At this point I'll tell you about what inspired each artwork. Dog Star Football Dog Star Football - Primary colours undercoat. Final 'Tera' Artwork. Dog Star Football started out as one of many sketches I did trying to create a cartoon version of my brother's dog, Tera, to put on some Cafepress items and send to him as a gift for his birthday last year. He's a follower of Australian Rules Football which prompted an idea of combining his dog wi

Looper - Movie Review

Looper brings together two of my favorite things, Bruce Willis and Time Travel. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also creeping onto my list of favorite actors too. That aside one of Bruce's best performances was many years ago in another time travel movie, Twelve Monkeys ,  alongside Brad Pitt (another of my favorite actors). Another great film for people who like smart, time travel films. Looper's basic plot out line is thus (from its IMDB page): In 2074, when the mob wants to get rid of someone, the target is sent 30 years into the past, where a hired gun awaits. Someone like Joe, who one day learns the mob wants to 'close the loop' by transporting back Joe's future self. The above mentioned Joe is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whilst the older Joe sent back in time is played by Bruce Willis. There's no need to tell you to go see Looper, you should just see it. Pretty much everyone says it's a great, intelligent sci-fi movie that, at its heart is abo

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