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Ashton Kutcher Could Play a Modern Day Superman (or Even Batman)

"Ashton Kutcher as Superman" AI Image by I recently watched Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon's latest Netflix original movie, Your Place or Mine  and, while the movie was entertaining enough, all I could think about is that Ashton Kutcher is at the point in his career where he could probably play a really great, modern take on a Chris Reeve style Superman . Which seems outlandish and left field but back in the day Ashton actually screen tested for the role in the ill fated Superman Flyby, and then turned it down because it didn't feel right (after trying on the Superman suit). Ashton is mostly known for playing comedic roles with a kind of na├»ve goofiness but weirdly he looks very comfortable playing super rich millionaire types. Possibly a bit of art imitating his real life where he's made some very smart business investments and career choices. Case in point is this latest film, Your Place or Mine, where Ashton plays a highly intelligent and s

Mount Lofty Botanic Garden & Stirling Hotel, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

My partner, Enigma and I stayed overnight one weekend at an Airbnb in the Adelaide Hills to attend a wedding and needed something to do the following day to make our stay more of a weekend away. Enigma suggested a visit to the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden followed by lunch at the Stirling Hotel. If you're curious about our Airbnb stay it was in a self contained guest house known as Borow in the township of  Uraidla. Definitely a very pleasant stay, but more functional than a relaxing getaway in itself. Best suited to someone touring the Hills region and just in need of somewhere comfortable to wind down at the end of the day that's more roomy and homelike than a hotel room. Mount Lofty Botanic Garden I've visited the Mount Lofty Summit several times over my last 23 years in SA, most recently as part of a guided bus tour , and I've never heard of the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden . Enigma and I were expecting something along the lines of the Adelaide Botanic Garden which i

Robot Uprising Update: Scientists Create Shapeshifting Humanoid Robot That Can Liquify And Reform

Mini Figure Version of the Liquefying Robot after escaping its cage. This development in the ongoing march to the inevitable robot uprising is not quite as scary as the headline sounds, unless you're a Lego Mini figure, in which case you had better hope they don't hand this abomination a laser gun and program it to destroy. Chinese Scientists have made a breakthrough in robotics by creating a machine that is able to turn itself into a liquid and then reform back into a solid .  In one demonstration a tiny robot, the size and shape of a Lego mini figure, liquifies itself to escape through the bars of a cage and then reforms, like a very early 'proof of concept' prototype of a  T-1000 Terminator  from the movie Terminator 2 . Fortunately the process isn't lightening fast and, since the robot liquifies itself through heat rather than nanobot technology, one imagines a human sized version would require considerable power and an  extremely high body temperature to achiev

Adelaide City Skate Park - Not as Beginner Friendly as I'd Hoped But an Awesome Skate Spot All the Same

The Advanced Bowl - Adelaide City Skate. I'll begin by saying Adelaide City Skate is one of the best skate parks I've ever skated. Officially opened in September 2022, it replaces the old City Skate that was just down from Adelaide Central Train Station. Located at Gladys Elphick Park/Narnungga (Park 25), Corner of West Terrace and Glover Avenue, Adelaide, it's a full roller sports plaza with something for all skill levels. The first time I heard about this skate park is was a concept plan floating around on the internet, maybe a year or two ago. The next time I heard anything about it was when my partner sent me pics from the window of a building she was in couple of weeks ago. Adelaide City Skate Concept Plan. A little bit of research took me to the park's website and I was surprised to see that concept plan in all its completed glory. Show's how much I pay attention to the news. Thanks to my current lack of skating ability I was excited for this park to be buil

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