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Symbol of the People - What Does a Flag Represent and Should Citizens Burn Their Flag in Protest?

Board/Bored Monkey Reflection Large Sticker by TET. Available on Redbubble . Recent reports in the Australian media, of university students creating flag burning kits to sell as a way of protesting government policy, have sparked the debate about whether flag burning should be a criminal offense, and highlighted people's misguided understanding of what the Australian Flag represents. First and foremost, our flag is not a symbol of a specific government. It represents us. No matter how far we travel an Aussie flag helps connect us to other Aussies abroad and it reminds us of home. It is a symbol of the people. Some say that our flag represents freedom. Quite often people who say this will attempt to deny you of your freedom to burn the flag. Australia prides itself on being a tolerant society. It is our ability to tolerate criticism without resorting to violent retaliation that helps makes us strong. It's one of the things that hold us together as a community. I don't want t

The Danger of Meeting Monotony Part III (Extreme Measures to End a Boring Meeting)

Bored Yeti Poster by TET. Available on RedBubble . The meeting of the School Governing Council threatened to continue into the early hours of the following morning.  Fortunately proceedings were interrupted by the Tactical Response Group, who had been deployed with much urgency, after an anonymous tip off that several upstanding community members were being held against their will within the grounds of the local high school.  Whilst a meeting of the Governing Council was not what the Captain of the TRG was expecting to find, never-the-less, he understood the seriousness of the situation.  Immediately the chairperson was taken into custody along with several committee members who would later be charged with 'stealing time'. A number of others were cautioned about 'taking too long to get to the point'.  The rest of the committee were released from the ordeal, thankful that their fate of 'being bored to death' had been narrowly averted.

More than 'Nothing'... 'That's not art!' - Exhibiting Half Baked Concepts in High Profile Galleries

Champion Boxer T-Shirt by TET. Available on Redbubble . To understand my previous article ' 'Nothing' on a grand scale ' you need to understand that I'm not trying to convince you my exhibition, 'Unstarted', is 'Art'. It's not a case of 'The Emperor's New Clothes'. I'm not trying to con you into thinking there is 'Art' in a space where there is nothing on display to look at.  In fact, my exhibition is entirely about there being no art on display, and that I did not even think about creating any art at all. It is an honest exhibition that is not trying to deceive you. It is what says it is.  No doubt some Art Critic could give it more credibility by describing it as 'Conceptual minimalism to the extreme' but the average Joe or Jane public would word it better with the simple statement 'That's not art!' While I'm not against conceptual art as such, my criticism is aimed at artists who appear to rely o

'Nothing' on a Grand Scale... Why You Will Never See Minimalism to the Extreme

I don't need Therapy I just need to go to the Skatepark T-shirt by TET. Now available on Redbubble . As an artist I would like to leave the world with the legacy of my greatest exhibition of conceptual artwork (or lack of it as this article will reveal). My vision is on such a grand scale that only one of the world's great art museums could house it.  In essence I would like to empty all the art from the walls and rooms of one of the great art museums. I would then like to hang my exhibition entitled 'Unstarted'.  Every room in every gallery will be filled with artworks that I have spent no time at all creating. Not so much as a single empty canvas, just a museum filled with nothing. Unstarted.  Naturally each individual artwork not appearing in the exhibition would be 'Untitled'.  I imagine the souvenir catalogue of artworks to be filled with blank pages. Unprinted.  What a bold statement. Shifting aside all that important art for nothing (literally). Minimalis

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