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The United States Hypocrisy Doesn't Make it Okay to Support Russia Bombing Civilians

Probably like me you've been keeping an eye on the war in Ukraine. No doubt you're aware of the hypocrisy of the United States culminating this week with Joe Biden's gaffe:  Joe Biden says ‘butcher’ Vladimir Putin ‘cannot remain in power’ . Anyone who's followed even recent history of this millennia knows that the United States are in the business of 'war', often taking on the role of 'world police' to protect its interests. It's no secret that civilians have often been caught up in these conflicts 'accidentally'. Particularly if the US has been taken to task over these deaths. Which one could then make the case that Russia is deliberately targeting civilians, as opposed to 'accidentally' targeting them. That aside, I've seen a few ridiculous responses to America's hypocrisy with random comments along the lines of: The U.S.A. are hypocrites. I support Russia! Oh really? You support deliberate targeting of civilians? I presume

TV Series Review: Reacher (2022) - Amazon Prime *Possible Minor Spoilers*

I have not read the Reacher books. My interest in Amazon Prime's original series, Reacher , was purely based on the lead actor, Alan Ritchson, who I first came across watching Netflix's superhero show, Titans  (which I really enjoyed). My understanding of the books is limited to Alan being a better representation of the character's physical size than depicted in the Tom Cruise movie ... and, of course, he's some kind of bad ass. After hearing good things from different sources about the show I decided to give it a watch to see if Alan's decision to leave Titans for Reacher was a good move. Turns out, it definitely was, with the first season being much better than I expected. I thought it would be all action but the series also takes time to develop some of its lead characters too. Plotwise, Reacher finds himself in a small, rural town on some personal business. It's not long before he is identified as a possible murder suspect and arrested in dramatic fashion. F

Movie Review: The Batman (2022) *Very Minor Spoilers*

When I first heard that director, Matt Reeves wanted to focus more on the 'world's greatest detective' aspect of Batman a little part of me went 'finally!' The Batman  is a complete reimagining of Batman and his rogues gallery, unrelated to any other Batman or DCEU film released thus far. Basically it's film one in this continuity. Robert Pattinson is Batman/Bruce Wayne in his second year of donning the cape and cowl. Batman's reputation is such that criminals can never be sure if he might just appear out of the shadows to deliver his style of 'vengeance' on crime. Meanwhile, high profile murders begin to occur around Gotham city by a killer who leaves calling cards for the Batman containing riddles. As the stakes get higher Batman and Detective, Lieutenant James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) work together to track down the Riddler (Paul Dano). Along the way they cross paths with Cat Woman (ZoĆ« Kravitz) and the Penguin (Colin Farrell). Overall this is ever

TV Series Review: Peacemaker (2022) *Spoiler Free*

If you had asked anyone which character in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad should get a spin off TV series I'm willing to bet Peacemaker wasn't number one on anyone's list. Even after Peacemaker the TV series was announced most people were left scratching their heads wondering why Peacemaker?  James Gunn's number one reason seemed to be he wanted to work with John Cena again, and he had some ideas about exploring who Peacemaker is and how he got to where he is now? For the rest of us though, particularly those of us that enjoyed The Suicide Squad, our excitement level was around "...yeah I'll watch it." While I wouldn't say the first episode completely blew me away, it did raise my interest in the show to "I really, really want to see where this goes".  I must admit the cursing and some-what immature humor of the show is something I bumped up against in episode one. Not because I don't find it funny or even offensive, I'm just no

The Phrase That Unites Us "Do your own research" - Don't Be Conspiracy 'Sheeple' Either (Understanding Universal Basic Income)

Photo by George Milton from Pexels The world is a complex enough place without spreading speculation and opinion as facts, as well as information that is just flat out incorrect as truth. Regardless on where you fall when it comes to world wide conspiracies, the one phrase we can all agree on is "Do your own research". That said, researching is exhausting. The research I did for this post (which stretched out to three days for an article I thought would take an afternoon to write) was nearly enough for me to say this is all too hard when I could more easily bang out another movie review piece in less than an hour.  Social Media is Not Research Alternatively, why do any research when social media will bombard you with stuff that affirms all your interests and view points from reputable sources right? Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, excel at feeding you information that their algorithm's think you 'may also like'. If you click on even one conspiracy

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