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TET's Studio now on

I must be a bit of a social networking junkie because I seem to have a profile on just about any major social network you can name. Now I've created a profile on the site where you can create a WeeMee avatar of yourself (see mine on the right). This profile wasn't one I intentionally planned to create. Another site, Friends Reunited , gave me the option to create a WeeMee Avatar and before I knew it I was sent to WeeWorld where I got hooked in enough to recreate my studio as my WeeWorld Room . I guess the site appealed to me because it has a kind of 'South Park' (the TV Show) cuteness about it. It's a bit like living in your own South Park cartoon but without anyone out to get Kenny (or are they?). Whether I maintain the profile is another thing entirely but for now it's a fun distraction.

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