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The Blank Canvas - An Art Gallery Tradition That Leads Me to Ask, Why? (Includes Video)

Bored Monkey Laptop Skin by TET. Available from RedBubble . In my time as a professional artist I have seen more than a few artworks hanging in respected galleries or entered into art competitions that are little more than either blank canvases or canvases painted entirely one colour. Although I don't know if it is still there, the State Gallery of South Australia had an all yellow canvas, while the State Gallery of Western Australia once exhibited three canvases painted three different shades of car 'duco' paint. Whilst I'm not sure of the concept behind the yellow canvas the other three came with some spiel about "exploring the unique surface created by that type of paint". I also have seen a virtually white canvas win first prize in a local art competition with the judges describing the work as "bold and confronting". No argument from me there. Many people criticized it and couldn't understand how it could even be called 'art'. The poi

Men's Deodorant - Why Does It Smell So Bad?

Champion Boxer Drawstring Bag by TET Available from RedBubble . I don't wear deodorant because I can't stand the smell of the stuff. Before you think, well I must stink...I shower daily and I don't do a heck of a lot to raise a sweat most days (an hour, daily work out is the most I do). Back to the point I want to make. I swear male deodorant must be made by men hating "you're never getting lucky" women or geeky "I can't get laid so why should anyone else" lab coated wearing science guys. Is it just me or does all men's deodorant smell like air freshener made from rotting fruit, stale eggs and corroded battery acid? Seriously I can't believe guys that spray toxic, gaseous clouds of the stuff all over themselves before a night on tiles are expecting to pick up. Emanating that foul odor the only thing they're likely to pick up is lung cancer. How do they even breathe in their own presence? The only logic I can see is that women out on t

Loose Change SE - Documentary on 9/11 and My Thoughts Five Years After the Events of September 11.

I made the video below for a 9/11 project on YouTube, mentioning the two other planes that also crashed on September 11, 2001. Thanks to the documentary,  Loose Change SE , I now have my doubts whether these planes actually crashed. Thoughts on 9/11 five years on - September 2006 If you haven't seen the 9/11 documentary, Loose Change SE , about the unanswered questions of September 11, 2001 then you owe it to yourself to watch it. 9/11 changed the world forever and there is a growing movement of people who question if it really was an 'act of terrorism' or something much worse? The documentary does have a view for where the truth lies but encourages you to follow up the questions for yourself. It is not a 'conspiracy' film. It merely presents information that is available if you are prepared to look around for it. Worth your time if only so you can say "What a load of rubbish!" I bet you can't by the time you've seen it. There's so much info th

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