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Forget TV - Baby You're an Internet Star! (An Historic Post About the Emergence of Online Video, Web Celebrity, and YouTube)

TET records his first video blog entry. July 30th 2006. There is a new kind of celebrity emerging and that is the Internet Star. Forget mass media TV now anyone can become a celebrity via the internet.  I'm not talking about those adult web cam performers either or even errr... what's their names at .  I'm talking about real media stars that deliver interesting content with all the production values of real TV shows and nothing gimmicky just to grab you're attention. Karina Stenquist on the MoBuzz set. My personal favourite internet star is Karina Stenquist at  (Site no longer exists. Link goes to the 2006 Internet archive of the site). Karina and her team deliver a daily three minute show with humour and interesting content all whilst keeping their clothes on.  The script writing on this show is tight and Karina's delivery is as good as any TV presenter - if not better. She has great timing for punchlines too. Amazing that she has

Studio Time. A Reflection on Time Based Competition for Getting Art Done

There's Dust on My Guitar Notebook by TET. Available from Redbubble . Studio Time is the time I spend in my studio actually creating an artwork...or so it has come to be defined. It seems to suggest that the actual execution is more important than the collection of ideas or time to just absorb and reflect. Perhaps I should explain. In order to get more art done, myself and some fellow artists, have come up with the concept of recording 'studio time'. Essentially clocking on when you start to paint and clocking off when you're done for the day.  You then set yourself a weekly quota of hours and try to reach that in studio time. The final piece of explanation is, you partner with another artist and compete to reach, not just your quota, but more, if possible, with the winner being the artist who records the most studio time over a given period. It's a great idea in theory, and works really well when you're on a role with lots of ideas pouring out of you one after

Kids today are smarter than their parents?

Mother's Bed Art Board Print by TET. Available from RedBubble . How often have you heard it said that kids today are smarter than their parents? I’ve heard it quite frequently in the media – even Dr Phil has said it. I say speak for yourself. It’s not true and don’t let the media fool you. Today’s kids may have access to more information that may give them more choices but in my experience, they only take in what they want to hear and still make stupid, uninformed decisions. Just like we used to at their age. Like any cross section of people there will be exceptions. There are kids that are genuinely smarter, more mature and responsible for their age. However the vast majority know everything they need to know by the time they turn fourteen. They’re ‘adult’ enough to be responsible for all their own decision making so parents should just let them do what they please…right? Just like we thought at fourteen. Don’t be fooled. Just because your son knows how to download MP3’s onto an i

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