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The Largs Pier Hotel, Breakfast at Queenies, and By the C with Paul Kelly and Cold Chisel

Indeed it was! Cold Chisel Poster, Adelaide. My partner, for her birthday, was gifted two tickets to see Cold Chisel on their Blood Moon Tour as it rolled through Adelaide at the beginning of 2020. As part of the gift she also was given two nights accommodation at the Largs Pier Hotel , Largs Bay, South Australia. Amazingly she chose me to be her plus one on this mini break, and while I do like Cold Chisel, Paul Kelly was second on the bill, and kind of the bigger draw for me. It probably seems a bit late to be writing about a weekender, mini holiday, my partner and I took to kick the new year off but the By the C  beach concerts held around Australia seem to be an annual event presenting different national and international artists, so maybe something you might like to look into for your plans for next year. The Largs Pier Hotel Largs Pier Hotel - Photo Largs Pier Hotel Website . I can't give you a full review of this hotel since we literally were only there in th

How I Started Learning the Ukulele

Populele 2 Ukulele I've wanted to learn to play an instrument for many years. Specifically the guitar but have never really done anything about it beyond buying one book (literally years ago), complete with DVD, teaching the electric guitar, that I've never opened. In October of 2019 I happened upon the  Populele 2 Ukulele  through an email promotion from shopping site Gearbest (#notsponsored but links to the Populele 2 and Udemy are my affiliate links). I can't say I've ever wanted to learn the Ukulele, because it seemed like a dinky little instrument, and not particularly thought of as 'cool'. However, the Populele 2 Ukulele has a fairly unique, eye catching design, in two colors (black or white) that doesn't immediately scream 'UKULELE'. That aside what really caught my attention is the ability to link the ukulele to a dedicate phone app that teaches you to play using fun games and lights on the ukulele's fretboard showing where to p

Book Review: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron I'd heard a lot of good things from various successful people about Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way , particularly about this daily activity called 'Morning Pages' that seemed to help focus their day. I was curious to know more so I decided to buy the book and see what it was all about. As it happens The Artist's Way is a self help, Twelve week program to assist you in discovering or rediscovering your creativity. As such it's not a book you want to read cover to cover just to get the information. To get the full benefit it's designed so you can read a chapter each week and do the activities, until you've completed the full twelve weeks. Which is what I chose to do, with every intention of following the course as instructed, but as I started reading, I just didn't recognize the person this book is reaching out to. Initial impression The book is intended to help you discover or rediscover

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