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Showing posts from December, 2006

Where Wool Comes From, a Blonde Joke

Video Description: A little blonde (and brunette) humor. A commercial for the L.A. County Fair. --o--o--o-- I came across this video on Google video and thought it was just so convincingly acted and a clever idea. These ladies almost make you believe that there are people in the world that are really this clueless. (I mean I could accept one person being this dumb but what are the odds of four people in the same room, with one being a parent?). I wonder if People in LA watch this thinking "as if we're that stupid...wool comes from the everything else."

Blank Canvas II

'Blank Canvas II', was featured on my web site last month. It continues on from an earlier video I created, Blank Canvas , which is a humorous look at a specific type of minimalist art that is little more than the title describes. Blank Canvas II continues on as a commentary with an actual example of an artwork, Courier II by Robert Ryman . Ryman is an American Artist who has made an entire career out of... well... painting surfaces white. Is his work art? My opinion on the specific example of his work I comment upon is ‘no’.

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