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TV Series Review: Ms Marvel (2022) Disney+ *Spoiler Free*

Right from its very first episode Ms Marvel's TV series was giving off Spider-man vibes in line with Spider-man Homecoming. It shares many of the same parallels. Ms Marvel, Kamala Khanis (Iman Vellani) is in high school. She's not one of the cool kids but she's not completely off the deep end nerd either. She has a really good friend willing to do anything for her and a too cool for school, kind of rival who doesn't really acknowledge her. She has a major crush on Captain Marvel, in the sense that Carol Danvers is her all time favorite superhero, to the point where her room is covered in Captain Marvel posters and she even cos-plays as Captain Marvel for an upcoming Avenger's Convention. Things really start to take a turn when her grandmother sends her a bangle with no real explanation but her mother seems to think it needs to be stored away pretty quickly. Naturally it doesn't stay in storage for long. Ms Marvel the series made a really strong start with its f

Movie Review: Thor Love and Thunder (2022) *Spoiler Free*

Chris Hemsworth's Thor is one of those Marvel characters that has reached the point where you just look forward to seeing him show up anywhere. Generally you know you're going to get something good. Thor Love and Thunder is no exception. It's a good, fun movie. If you like 'funny Thor' you'll have a good time here. I certainly enjoyed the film overall. However, you can probably sense a 'but' is coming, and you're right. First, a quick run down of the plot. Thor is still trying to find his place in the world by tagging along with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Meanwhile someone is going around killing gods and they have Thor in their sights as the next target. Comedy ensues... as Thor comes face to face with his exes in his quest to save the universe... again. So I really like funny Thor and, while this movie does have some pretty serious underlying themes, they didn't really resonate with me, or at least have the impact that maybe they were suppos

Reflecting on 18 Years of Blogging With The Extraordinary Tourist, The Author of TET.Life

It's been quite a while since I just wrote an actual blog about myself. If you're new here, I'm The Extraordinary Tourist or TET for short, a.k.a. David Arandle, the author of this blog. I've been posting articles, almost weekly, since 2004.  When I started this blog digital cameras were just starting to go mainstream, the iPhone didn't yet exist, and mobile tablet computing was an idea that just didn't seem to have legs despite a few tries from various companies not named Apple (Apple didn't invent tablet computing they just solved the issues that plagued the whole concept). YouTube wasn't a thing either. This blog really is a labor of love, since the little money it earns from ad revenue is laughable for a website that's been around for so long. No really, it is laughable. In the last 30 days I've made AU$1.37 from ads. I know of many bloggers who are earning upwards of six figures from their blogs inside a year of starting them. This is becaus

Checking in on Tesla's Optimus Robot - Managing Expectations

Last year Elon Musk announced at the first Tesla AI day the Tesla Bot, which has since been renamed the Tesla Optimus, that is basically a general purpose humanoid robot assistant with human like appearance and proportions. Elon expected they would have a working prototype by the end of 2022. While very little has been released about the project since, in June Elon took to Twitter to announce that they would delay this year's Tesla AI day until September 30 in anticipation of having a working prototype of the robot by that time. Elon Musk announces the Tesla Bot at the 2021 Tesla AI day. When I initially wrote about the Tesla Bot I noted that both Boston Dynamics and Disney Imagineering are developing robot technologies that demonstrate a streamlined, humanoid robot like Optimus is certainly possible. However with precious few details, and the occasional appearance of static, concept manikins of Tesla Optimus bots at places like the Cyber Rodeo Gigafactory Austin, Texas  (see vi

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