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My Bank is Nothing Like This.

I've written about the inappropriate levels of customer service at my bank before in My Bank Doesn't Understand Customer Service . That time I didn't name them but there's no avoiding it this time. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has been running a TV ad campaign with the slogan Determined to be different . Their latest ad on high TV rotation I've embeded below. Take a moment to watch it as the rest of this article will be referencing the ad. The first thing that struck me as odd was the Banking Concierge who meets you at the door? The closest my bank has come to a Concierge is when I wrote previously about my banks Customer Service staff (see aforementioned article link above) accosting me with a "Hello, how are you? Just going to the Tellers are we?" greeting. They didn't greet me at the door but kind of spoke to me from the Customer Service Desk before I could get past to the tellers. I can only imagine most people gave the same some wh

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