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The Next Internet Millionaire and Joel Comm

I've been watching the online series, The Next Internet Millionaire , hosted by Internet revenue expert Joel Comm . The series is similar in format to Donald Trump's series, The Apprentice . A group of moderately successful internet marketers compete through various individual and team challenges for the chance of winning a $25,000 dollar cash prize and the opportunity to be Joel's next Joint Venture partner (presumably a millionaire opportunity). Each episode the losing team ends up in the judgment room where one or more contestants is eliminated. At the time of writing only episodes one through four were online so this is all that I've seen. In any case this post isn't so much a review of the show as an observation of Joel Comm and his marketing approach - as you'll soon read. Joel runs a highly informative Youtube channel , which is what prompted me to watch his show. There is no doubt from Joel's videos that he clearly knows his stuff and provides no non

TET Web Site Changes. Don't be Alarmed!

If you've happened to notice things moving around and formating on this site being a little out of whack in places don't be alarmed (I know how sensitive some people can be). I'm currently in the process of making a few cosmetic changes here and there to improve the look of the site overall (obviously because I wouldn't go to all this trouble to make things worse). However because some of these changes require me to work with my web site at HTML code level problems are bound to creep in. I haven't worked at code level for such a long time. If you see something that looks really bad please let me know. In the meantime bare with me whilst I scan through all the pages of this blog and the rest of my site to make sure the new site template I've applied is looking its best.

Battle at Kruger

If you live in Australia you probably caught this video on Channel Nine's 'i-caught' show which premiered here tonight. It's an American show (or at least the host is American) and 'Battle at Kruger' was the very first video they showed. As far as wildlife videos go this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. This has got everything, water buffalo, lions and a crocodile all battling it out over a baby buffalo that could well be both the luckiest and unluckiest offspring on the planet. The lesson here is that even the kings (or in this case queens) of the jungle shouldn't get between a mother water buffalo and its baby. Watch the video and be amazed.

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