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USB Typewriters - Possibly the Coolest Retro-fit Ever!

Possibly one of the coolest retro-fits I've seen in recent times is the USB Typewriter which you can purchase as a complete typewriter already retro-fitted or you can buy a kit to retro-fit yourself. I have to say the typewriter looks particularly cool when paired with an Apple iPad (as per the video below) but the conversion effectively turns your type writer into a USB, computer keyboard that can be plugged into any compatible computer that recognises a USB keyboard. I reckon it's the ultimate gift for writers who dream of locking themselves away in some beach side cottage with nothing but an old mechanical typewriter and a romantic notion to write that ultimate best selling novel. Just be careful you don't get so nostalgic that you start using Liquid Paper on your iPad's screen!

What - that isn't the Oven?

Let it be said that I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself. Just now I've prepared a roast chicken, put it in the oven, set the temperature and picked 'delicates' from the settings dial. Okay, I didn't do that really. A roast chicken is too much work. I was actually just heating up a frozen beef pie. Not sure why it took nearly two hours and I had to scrape up all the soaked, mangled pieces from around the oven's interior. So much for the 'delicates' setting. The pie wasn't even hot!! Roast Chicken image:

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