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The Bikini Proposal

As the war on terror drags on America looks to the humble bikini for a new way to minimize troop casualties. I'm experimenting with animation on Go!Animate and this is just a bit of fun I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy it. read more | digg story

Is Tom Cruise the New Michael Jackson?

Ever since Tom Cruise Jumped the Couch (a phrase he inspired) on Oprah it has been pretty much a free for all on implying he's some kind of whacko. Granted Tom Cruise was pretty outspoken before the couch thing with his Scientology views but is he really the new Michael Jackson? I've nothing against Michael, I'm a fan of a few of his songs, but the media and his own odd behavior, sent his career down a path that he may never recover from. Michael still has a strong fan base but the 'whacko Jacko' moniker will probably never leave him. However Tom Cruise seems to be taking over as the media's main celebrity to target for bizarre actions or 'out-there' views. Hence whenever anything goes wrong or he happens to express a view that is a little less than media mainstream it gets reported widely. Particularly if it has links to Scientology thinking - like that's some kind of crime? I haven't heard Tom express any Scientology view that couldn't be

Blaring Out Michael Bublé

Blaring out Michael Bublé's rendition of 'For Once in my Life' is not my partner's idea of a relaxing Sunday morning but apparently it's good music to wash your car to. At least that's what our neighbours across the street were doing. I'm not a particular fan of big band music or Michael Bublé but being able to hear this style of song, perfectly clearly in my lounge room, when it's blaring from a car stereo system across the street makes for a refreshing change. I mean it could be worse and at least it's not doof, doof, doof . Maybe there is hope that one day they'll be washing their car to Björk's rendition of 'It's Oh so quiet'. That would be Sunday morning comedy gold!

Back Off, I’m an Artist!

“Back Off, I’m an Artist!” This stern warning sent a shiver down the spine of customers who minutes ago had been patiently queuing for the next available teller. “Careful he’s got a brush!” Would this be the day that someone suffered for art? Paint splattered everywhere in an artistic massacre of modern art? “Let me paint a picture for you.” It was getting serious. It could only end in critique. “I’m an artist… and a good one!” How could anyone know that for sure? By who’s definition was this artist ‘good’? The way things were going it looked more like a confrontation with a bad artist. One with a disposition for performance art. “I should be able to make a living from my art. I should be raking the money in!” There’s nothing worse than a starving artist cornered. “Why do people not buy my art?!” A pathetic performance by any standards. Clearly no one understood. Letting art speak for its self is no way to put on an exhibition. One and a half stars. Stay away from this one, it’ll only

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