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Did I wake you? Callers Who Assume I Must Sleep at Four in the Afternoon.

Wake me when Winter is Over Notebook - design by TET Available from RedBubble . When answering the phone the most common thing that anybody says to me (after 'Hello') is 'Oh, did I wake you?' Now I know there are some people who do sleep at 4 o'clock in the afternoon but not me. Sometimes I get 'Did I wake you?' from down the end of a phone line earlier in the day but the afternoon ones are the most disconcerting. I know I don't have the chirpiest (is that even a word?) of voices but 'Did I wake you?' at 4pm is too much. No you didn't wake me, I'm just tired of your interruption. Get to the point of your call.

The Shortest unfinished epic in the making. Inspired by the Harry Chapin Song

'The Shortest Story: 20 days' is a painting I've been 'working' on for over a year.  It's based upon the Harry Chapin song of the same name which tells the story of a child born into extreme poverty. It is a very sad story and probably my least favourite Harry Chapin song. However, my partner likes the song and thought I should create an artwork based upon it.  So, towards the end of January 2005 I began work on, what was intended to be a Valentine's Day gift (Feb 14, 2005).  Two Valentine's Days and over a year later, this is where it is at - just over half finished. It's a difficult artwork to get excited about even though I'm happy with how it looks so far.  Obviously I haven't actually been working on it every day. For the most part it's sat in my studio, neglected for the larger part of 2005.  Early February 2006 I managed to progress it to this stage after about a days work but haven't touched it since.  Maybe the song is just t

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