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Massive Snake Terrorizing Queensland Escapes Wrath of Fiercely Protective Cloncurry Mother

Maybe the Daily Mail exaggerated a touch? "A giant brown snake menacing a mother and her child." Image by Dall-E and David Arandle. Australia has an international reputation for being the home of multiple things that will kill you on the land or in the oceans (and potentially hiding under toilet seats). What isn't mentioned is that most of these things really can't be arsed (sorry for the bit of vulgarity but we're talking Aussie wildlife here) attacking you unless you accidentally surprise them or deliberately attack them first. So when a viral TikTok showing a Queensland, Cloncurry Mother shepherding her toddler child and pet dog back indoors, while holding a baby, because she spotted a 'massive' brown snake quietly taking advantage of the warmth from her driveway. started doing the rounds, I was like, that's pretty much an average day in an Australian country town. However that didn't stop the Daily Mail from talking up the danger with their h

TV Series Review: Wednesday (2022, Netflix) *No Spoilers*

It's kind of refreshing to see a show with Tim Burton's name on it that, while it is everything you'd expect Tim would be into, it feels like he paired it back just enough that it doesn't scream Tim Burton at you (if that makes any sense whatsoever). Wednesday somehow manages to be a fine blend of the source material and Tim Burton's signature style. To the point where Wednesday feels more like a next chapter in the story rather than a whole new thing. It almost feels like a continuation of The Adams Family movies that Christina Ricci (who co-stars in Wednesday) played a younger version of Wednesday in. It's easy to imagine that it could be, given the rest of the Adams family doesn't play a very prominent role in the series overall. So you're not bumping into the new cast too much at all, and Wednesday Adams (Jenna Ortega) is older here - and it's not unusual to see a child actor recast older in sequels. The basic premise is Wednesday is sent to he

TV Series Review: The Peripheral (2022 - Prime Video) *No Spoilers*

It's rare these days that I come across a TV series that disappoints me at the end of each episode because I don't want it to stop. The Peripheral is exactly like that. However, now all of the first season's eight episodes are on Prime Video, you don't have to wait week to week, as I did. Binge them all in one go if you must. My only disappointment in Season 1 is that now I have to wait and hope there is a season 2 because (minor spoiler) the story is only half way done (or less if they do a third season). At the time of writing season 2 was not yet confirmed but The Peripheral overtook The Rings of Power as Prime's top streaming show, so that is very promising for the show to return. Based upon a William Gibson novel of the same name, which I have not read, but I am aware that Gibson is a big gun amongst influential Sci-Fi authors. I've only read his book Neuromancer many decades ago which influenced the rise of Cyberpunk  in popular culture during the 1980s

TV Series Review: Star Wars Andor (2022, Disney+) *No Spoilers*

I'm a huge fan of most of the live action Star Wars, Disney+ TV series. Though I do think The Book of Boba Fett and Obi Wan both dropped the ball a little with fan expectations.  Star Wars Andor , on the other hand, is a series no one was really asking for but quite a lot of us who tuned in are hugely thankful that it was made. Many have commented that this is the best Star Wars we've seen in quite a while. Personally I think it's the best Star Wars since The Empire Strikes Back . Having said that, I will concede, for fans that feel this series is slow and boring (of which there clearly are a lot of you), I did feel the episodes leading up to the heist really started to drag a bit. Which is not to say the earlier episodes weren't good, they just seemed to keep promising the heist episode sooner than it actually happened. Andor covers the start of the Rebellion in the Star Wars universe. It's basically the other side of the story to the prequel trilogy which show t

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