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Movie Review: Black Panther (2018) *Spoiler Free*

Marvel's Black Panther is a solid entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe that reminded me a little bit of Iron Man (2008), Thor: The Dark World (2013), with maybe a bit of Ant Man (2015) thrown in too. Some people are rating it as the best Marvel movie to date. I wouldn't put it on the top of my list but it's certainly ranking fairly high on a very tight scale of solid movies.

Designing Formal Penguins - New Humorous T-Shirt Art by TET (Part 1)

It's been a few weeks since I posted my first Amazon Merch T-Shirt design, Crocodile Rock . With my neck injury seemingly on the mend I decided it was time to begin work on a new, exclusive design for the platform. I'm my own biggest fan when it comes to my Bored Yeti skateboard designs . Particularly the Mark II version that I filmed myself creating , and bought the design on an actual skateboard just to include in the video .

Home Voice Assistants - I'm Sorry, I Can't Help You With That.

The other day I was halfway through watching a movie, Altered States (1980) and, without any prompting from me, our Google Home Mini Assistant pipes up, "I'm sorry, I can't help you with that." Good to know. I don't know what it thought the question was? I hadn't said anything at all, and I'm pretty sure no one within a movie released in 1980 said 'Okay Google'.

Skateboard Beginner Nose Stall Tips - Kerbs & Low Ledges

Nose Stall by TET. Today's post and video were inspired by Skateboard YouTuber, Ben Jaeger-Thomas , who, at the time of writing this, was trying to learn how to ollie into a Nose Stall on a low ledge. To my eye he was making the trick much harder to learn than it actually should be because he was placing his front foot too far back on the board, like you would to do a high ollie. This resulted in him not being able to accurately guide the nose of the board into a stall, repeatedly over shooting the ledge. Since nose stalls are pretty much one of the few tricks I can still do consistently I thought I'd make a video that might help anyone trying to learn them out. Watch my video below. I also show how to do Half-Cab nose stalls, and give you a few tips on how to progress to nose slides. Like this deck? Buy it Here. The main takeaway of this video is to keep your front foot forward when ollieing into a low ledge nose stall. It makes it much easier to guide

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