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TV Series Review: Peacemaker (2022) *Spoiler Free*

Peacemaker Onesheet
If you had asked anyone which character in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad should get a spin off TV series I'm willing to bet Peacemaker wasn't number one on anyone's list.

Even after Peacemaker the TV series was announced most people were left scratching their heads wondering why Peacemaker? 

James Gunn's number one reason seemed to be he wanted to work with John Cena again, and he had some ideas about exploring who Peacemaker is and how he got to where he is now?

For the rest of us though, particularly those of us that enjoyed The Suicide Squad, our excitement level was around "...yeah I'll watch it."

While I wouldn't say the first episode completely blew me away, it did raise my interest in the show to "I really, really want to see where this goes". 

I must admit the cursing and some-what immature humor of the show is something I bumped up against in episode one. Not because I don't find it funny or even offensive, I'm just not entirely sure I like excessive cursing in my Superhero shows (though I really love 'dicks all over the beach' joke in The Suicide Squad "Who knows why Mad Men do what they do?").

However I got past that by episode two and the show became must see viewing from there on. It's just so good, and masterful at how it expands the DCEU effortlessly with quippy humor. You feel like no character is too silly or off limits for live action treatment (and that's after seeing some very silly characters in The Suicide Squad).

To top things off the show's opening title sequence/dance number is really quite genius. Featuring the main cast, at episode one you have no idea who most of them are but then, each week, you get to know them more, or they make their first appearance in the show. The sequence isn't too long, so it's easy to watch again and again, plus you have the added bonus of gradually identifying who all the dancers are in the show.

The series is set not too long after The Suicide Squad movie. Peacemaker, a.k.a. Christopher Smith (John Cena) is recruited into another smaller team by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) that is investigating some suspicious behavior in a small town in the USA.

As the series plays out, the overall mission does seem a little familiar, sharing some big picture, common themes to The Suicide Squad. Fortunately though, the show is more about each character and their journey, particularly Peacemaker's but the rest by association, through some really good, and surprising character arcs.

You really do get to know who Christopher Smith is and how and why he became Peacemaker... and actually, his backstory is far more complex and interesting than Bruce Wayne's (and I'm a life long Batman fan).

The supporting cast are all superb and able to match it with John Cena in terms of their screen presence. Any one of them could easily have their own spin off series that could be equally as interesting because we're given just enough to want to know more. I'd watch an Agent Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) or Detective Song (Annie Chang) and Detective Fitzgibbon (Lochlyn Munro) series for sure. I kind of wish the two detectives had a bigger role over the season.

If you can get past the cursing and low brow humor - all of which eases off a little as the story unfolds - this is a very solid superhero show that is not afraid of its comic book roots. James Gunn is an absolute master at taking characters you may never have even heard of and bringing you into their story so that you want to know more.

The series finale is very well wrapped up with threads that may lead into season two (which has already been green lit) but, if it was only a one season show, it feels like nothing was left out. All the good stuff made it into season one.

Easily the best DC TV series produced to date.


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