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Movie Review: Thor Love and Thunder (2022) *Spoiler Free*

Thor Love and Thunder One Sheet

Chris Hemsworth's Thor is one of those Marvel characters that has reached the point where you just look forward to seeing him show up anywhere. Generally you know you're going to get something good. Thor Love and Thunder is no exception. It's a good, fun movie. If you like 'funny Thor' you'll have a good time here. I certainly enjoyed the film overall.

However, you can probably sense a 'but' is coming, and you're right. First, a quick run down of the plot.

Thor is still trying to find his place in the world by tagging along with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Meanwhile someone is going around killing gods and they have Thor in their sights as the next target. Comedy ensues... as Thor comes face to face with his exes in his quest to save the universe... again.

So I really like funny Thor and, while this movie does have some pretty serious underlying themes, they didn't really resonate with me, or at least have the impact that maybe they were supposed to. I'd argue that the more serious aspects of the film were treated like an aside to the humor but actually the serious through lines are fairly central to the film's climactic scenes.

I can't really place it but ultimately I came out feeling like Thor Love and Thunder was just a good, fun, popcorn flick that didn't really do a whole lot to develop any of the main cast of characters. Which isn't even an accurate assessment because we get a whole lot of backstory on Thor and his relationship with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman).

Jane's backstory beyond her relationship (or lack there of) with Thor is also expanded on and is very central to the plot. I really enjoyed Natalie Portman as the Mighty Thor. I think I could easily watch a whole movie around that version of Thor but it may be the reason why the more serious aspects of the character didn't resonate as much as they should have in terms of this story.

I thought Natalie was fun to watch as the Mighty Thor to the point where Jane Foster is almost someone else entirely. Unlike Chris' Thor, Jane kind of 'transforms' into the Mighty Thor, creating a bit of a disconnect.

It's fine, though. Without going into spoilers I think a bit more of present day Jane Foster might have helped give the ending more impact than it had for me.

That aside, Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher is a master class in how to throw yourself into playing a Marvel villain that Christopher Eccleston should sign up for. Once Bale's character makes the transformation from believer to 'the gods don't care', he's all in, and is definitely a highlight of the film (despite having few, if any, opportunities to be funny).

I do want to give Russel Crowe's Zeus a quick shout out. It's so rare to see Russel doing this kind of, borderline cheesy, but also kind of cool, humor these days. Really appreciate that his Zeus is not what I expected at all. Especially when you see him rein it back in to a hint of what you more likely would expect from Zeus.

There's clearly a third Taika Waititi written and directed Thor film on the horizon. I think what I hope most is maybe that film will have a little more to say, and a little more to think about by end. Funny Thor is great but he's also a god and a leader. At some point he needs to complete the arc he started in the first Thor movie of becoming worthy of leading his people (or something like that?).

Thor Love and Thunder is definitely enjoyable. I would be interested to see Taika's rumored four hour cut. Hopefully they'll release that on streaming or as special event - which seems possible given Sony re-released Spiderman No Ways Home with extra scenes.


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