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The World Economic Forum, Globalization, Bringing People Together - TET Rambling on World Issues

Julie Bishop, Member of Parliament of Australia
during the Session "Opening Plenary: Globalization 4.0"
at the World Economic Forum, Annual Meeting
of the Global Future Councils 2018.
Copyright by
World Economic Forum / Benedikt von Loebell

Did you know that you can join The World Economic Forum? True. You don't have to be a billionaire, CEO of a corporation, or even a high level member of your government. You can sign up for free on the WEF website and be kept up to date with what this mega evil, mustache twirling, elite organization is doing.

If you want to keep an even closer eye, and maybe even have some input into what the WEF is doing in your part of the world, they have some very affordable paid subscriptions (which you can even trial, free for 30 days - imagine... a whole month free of keeping your beady little eye on this very shady organization that wants to control what toilet paper you buy... probably? #notsponsored).

While much of the high level partner/membership is by invitation only you don't need to be a billionaire to apply. All you need is to be an organization that is looking to collaborate on projects of interest to the WEF. Submit your application here. Note that if you're a private business there are a lot more criteria on the initial application than any other organizational structure. Regardless, you have options for learning their secret handshake and a chance to look at the big red 'RESET' button - I presume?

Another way you can get in is through their Young Global Leaders Program. Anyone can nominate you here. The nomination criteria says they don't accept self nominations but the submission form asks if you're self nominating (maybe it's a trick question to see if you can follow instructions?).

Incidentally it was Young Global Leader, Ida Auken, who wrote in 2016 the now infamous opinion/speculation piece that includes the headline "Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better" (often paraphrased to "By 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy"). So... if you want to really get the attention of people who latch on to anything they can take out of context to inform their concerns that the WEF is evil... get someone to nominate you to be a Young Global Leader of the WEF.

Clearly an organization that lists virtually everyone who has anything to do with it from it's founder, to its board members, partners, young leaders and more right on it's website is obviously shady and doing all kind of deals in plain sight, under the guise of being 'transparent'.

No doubt they are pushing their 'Global Agenda' by literally rebranding their annual get together, meeting, forum, thingy, The Davos Agenda which serves to layout the goals of the WEF for the year ahead.

Honestly the WEF has a branding issue more than anything... nothing says we have an agenda more than the word 'agenda' (it's that hiding in plain sight thing again, isn't it?). Not to mention 'Davos' looks a lot like 'Davros' the creator of the Daleks in the BBC series Doctor Who.

Fear of Globalization, Digital ID's, Digital Currency, and the 1% Elite.

To be honest, the ship has sailed on all of this. Globalization has been happening ever since some tribal leader decided their tribe should either team up with surrounding tribes (or defeat them in battle and take over I guess).

Fast forward to the United Nations forming just after World War II, you're not stopping globalization.

I personally love globalization because it makes it easy for me to sell digital courses to people world wide. The more we move to one world, one government, one currency, the easier it gets. Right now there's a host of international hurdles that, quite frankly, just get in the way.

Digital ID's... sure. Social Credibility... why not? We're already using them all the time anyway. How often do you check a person's social media to get a 'feel' for who they are, see what they're up to etc. etc. How often do you use sites that have some kind of rating system etc.? Do you think you're not being judged and trackable now? Is your social media private? What have you got to hide?

Digital currency... yes please. I haven't used actual money to make a purchase in the last two years. While we're at it, universal basic income would be amazing.

Am I concerned about the 1% elites who want to rule the world? No... not really. I'm more worried about people who think all this change is the end of the world and has to be stopped. The people who advocate violence, and hostile protests against 'the establishment' in countries that aren't actually oppressed, or protests against organizations that aren't actually doing what people say they are doing.

The WEF Does have an Agenda

If you think the WEF is influencing governments and attempting to implement its agenda, you're absolutely right. Welcome to the planet Earth. That's how all organizations work, from the WEF right down to your local little league sporting club.

Everybody enters negotiations and make deals to implement their agenda. If you're fighting to stop the WEF then you're doing it too. Rallying public support, organizing protests, writing to your local politicians, organizing alternate political parties etc. etc. You're trying to implement your agenda.

You don't support globalism yet it is globalism that has given a voice to people all around the world to connect and speak out against the WEF. It's globalism that enables you to find like minded people with the same concerns as you. It's globalism that makes the Internet possible.

It's globalism that brings people together who otherwise may not find each other thanks to geographical location.

It's globalism that made all those satellites with laser guns attached so they can instantly locate and wipe you off the face of the planet for buying the wrong brand of insta-wipes... probably... who knows if communication and GPS is all those satellites do? I mean Google Earth can see right into your backyard. I'm sure they've probably attached a laser to it.

It's globalism that will, ultimately keep globalism in check. Everything finds a level eventually. People tend to support good ideas and reject genuinely bad ideas. I mean where is MySpace now? I mean, it still exists as some kind of music discovery platform but I'm fairly sure Tom isn't involved anymore.

Yes I'm Rambling...

Look, this whole article started because I saw some women on Facebook outing Australian members of the WEF like it was some secret organization that is all hush, hush about who's involved. It's not. You can look up on the WEF website and its partner sites who all the member partners are. You can see who's been through the Young Leaders Program, with most being very proud to have that on their resume.

Maybe the WEF is pushing an agenda that helps its big business partners be more profitable but with some of the technologies being developed, or the programs being implemented that actually might be of real benefit - they wouldn't happen otherwise.

While the WEF does get in the ear of governments as an advisory body, governments still have to answer to the people (i.e. you) at least in countries that actually do have a real democracy anyway.

Then it's up to you to do your part. Participate in the system. Make sure your local representative (even if they're not from you preferred political party) are aware of your concerns. As much as I think federal members of the Australian Parliament standing up in the chamber and voicing concerns about the WEF is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen, kudos to them for voicing their concerns (which is hopefully the concerns of their constituents too)..

Anyway I'm going to stop here. The bottom line is I'm not at all concerned about the WEF. I think they're doing a lot for making sure the idea of a future where we all live in small collectives growing our own food and bartering for things we need never happens (Sorelle Amore).

If it turns out the in the future I own nothing and I'll be happy.... that's great because I'll be happy. If I own stuff and I'm not happy then I guess the WEF isn't quite as influential as we all thought.

 You can read more about the WEF's mission here.


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