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Name a Movie That You Would Rate, Remake, or Reboot - A Movie Game to Promote Discussion

AI Art Image Modified by TET. Three friends in a movie theater.
I listen to a lot of movie related podcasts, specifically comic book movie related podcasts like Kevin Smith's and Marc Bernardin's Fat Man Beyond show, where audience members or people online in chat get to ask the hosts questions. 

The questions can range from genuine inquiries about the host's work, thoughts on films etc. to complete hypotheticals such as which superhero(es) would you invite over for dinner and discussion?

Being in the comic book movie space talks of remaking and rebooting movies is very familiar territory for discussion and, for whatever reason, this got me to thinking about the idea of a movie game that would be easy to play, and have a memorable title that kind of explains itself.

I already had 'Remake' and 'Reboot' on my mind which lead me to thinking of why not create a movie version of the verbal game 'F*ck, Marry, Kill' but with a little bit more of a positive spin. That's how I arrived at 'Rate, Remake, or Reboot'.

I haven't seen a similar game (I did a few Google Searches to see what I could find) so hopefully I haven't just invented something that already exists.

To get into the game...

I'm sure most people have a favorite movie that they would rate as being great as is. No need to remake or reboot it. It holds up.

You could probably think of a movie that would really benefit from being remade. Not necessarily because it's bad. Could be because it's out dated or the special effects of the day just don't hold up. Maybe a modern take would be interesting with how the world is today?

I'm pretty sure you could also think of a movie that you felt had a great idea but the makers just dropped the ball in every way. It could be something great but it's just best to start again with a fresh vision for what it should be in order to get there.

Anyway, I hope it's a simple concept. The full rules are below. Ideally your answers should be three different movies.

Be sure to share the game with friends, on socials etc. just for fun and discussion!


Rate, Remake, or Reboot

A game for movie buffs to promote discussion in the vein of  'F*ck, Marry, Kill' but with a little bit more of a positive spin.


Name a movie that you would:

Rate - A movie that you believe is untouchable and has no business being remade or rebooted.

Remake - A movie that you really like but could benefit from being remade and updated.

Reboot - A movie that has a great idea or story but what they made just doesn't work.

Must be three different movies. Can be movies that have been or are remakes or reboots. Explain your choices as the purpose of the game is to create discussion about movies.

For example, I would: 

Rate - Back to the Future. Widely regarded as a movie that should never be remade. It's lightening in a bottle (or is that a flux capacitor?). A remake or reboot would be hard pressed to recapture the magic.

Remake - Metropolis. A great movie that could look amazing with modern movie making technology. Updating the story to modern day ideas of what we think the future might look like could be interesting too. (Remake is actually in preproduction)

Reboot - Aeon Flux. The original cartoon shorts were really cool but the movie adaptation missed the mark being too clean, stylized, and colorful. Needed to be more gritty and cynical.


Variations of the game could be done with TV series or movie franchises. You could also focus on movie character costume design (in this scenario 'Remake' would be a costume you like but could be better with some updated design tweaks etc.).

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