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Perth, Western Australia: Fremantle, Twin Fin Café, Bather's Beach, WA Maritime Museum (America's Cup Exhibit), The Round House, Ben & Jerry's - Day 6 and 7

Fremantle: Bike Sculpture. Twin Fin Café behind on the right.
Fremantle: Bike Sculpture. Twin Fin Café behind on the right.

Sunday morning, day six of my partner, Enigma, and I's trip back to Perth, to visit family, we set out for a shorter walk around the Marina, near our apartment, than the walk we did on day four

This day truly was a family day, where we spent the afternoon at my brother's house, with my Mum and my Sister. My brother made a 'lasagna like' veggie stack, that was really nice, with a tossed salad and Garlic bread.

Part of this visit was to also plan a schedule of outings for the five of us that worked for everyone in terms of what we wanted to go see, and when everyone would be available.

Beyond that is was just a nice afternoon in my brother's 'man-cave' catching up and getting family photos for my Mum.

Day Seven: Fremantle

Whenever we go to Perth, Enigma and I, always make sure we have a 'just us' day in Fremantle - our favorite place to visit. If I could find a way to live in Fremantle I would. 

Arriving at around 11am, I parked the car next to the skatepark, not too far from the Fremantle Esplanade. I nearly always head for the this carpark because it usually has spaces and is close to all the cafés along the beach front.

The yellow sculpture in front of Cicerello's Restaurant.
The yellow sculpture in front of Cicerello's Restaurant is called 'Coast Guard'
by Greg James who is the creator of numerous public sculptures around Perth and
Fremantle including the Bon Scott statue further along the road from here.

Usually we would go to Cicerello's for lunch (arguably Perth's best fish and chips) but this time we decided to cross the street and give the Twin Fin Café a try. We've actually been there for lunch on a previous trip so we weren't exactly heading into the unknown.

At either side of the street two new sculptures had been installed. One of a yellow coast guard the other a man on a bike, who a local explained had been done by a local artist who had a stroke and then became an artist.

Twin Fin Café

Twin Fin - Photo TF FB page.
Twin Fin - Photo TF FB page.
At Twin Fin we both ordered the snapper with chips and coleslaw. They gave us a free fish chowder as well that was 'new on the menu' apparently. The food was great though I didn't finish all of the fish chowder. It's not something I'd order as a side to a full plate of fish and chips.

If you ever are going to the Twin Fin, be warned, don't leave your food unattended even for a moment. The seagulls will pounce on any food that looks even remotely unattended. Enigma put her plate on the table next to me while she went off to get some tartar sauce and, even though we were sat inside next to some French windows that were fully open, four of the gulls made a beeline for her plate. Luckily I noticed what they were up to and shooed them away.

Another table were less lucky when they put their food on a nearby table for a moment to hand out the plates. The seagulls were right in and made away with a chip or two before the food was saved.

Bather's Beach

Bather's Beach. Photo by Enigma.
Bather's Beach. Photo by Enigma.

After this we wandered over to Bather's Beach. Which is just a small wading beach at the foot of the Round House, ideal for kids and anyone that just wants to get their feet wet. Although it was sunny there was quite a cool wind making the idea of wading in the water very unappealing. Enigma really wanted to do this but didn't because it was too cold.

Instead we walked up to the old whaling tunnel under the Round House. Seems like we picked a day with a school excursion of maybe 9 to 10 year old's that came through the tunnel toward us and then followed us back through. We let them pass us thinking that would be that as we went back out the opposite end of the tunnel (the way we came in).

The Whaling Tunnel under the Round House has plenty of information
about the history of the tunnel as you walk through.

From there we walked through an art studio precinct (which it turns out is called the J Shed). None of the studios were open, although one claimed to be, with an Open sign sandwich board, but when we tried the door it was locked.

The WA Maritime Museum (America's Cup/Australia II Exhibition)

Maritime Museum, Whaling Exhibit
The Maritime Museum is fairly extensive and well worth the admission fee
if you're really curious about the rich history of sea life in and around Fremantle.

Australia II Yacht.
Australia II Yacht.
We continued on to the WA Maritime Museum where the standard entry fee of AU$15 per person was also the annual membership - presumably so you could visit any time with no more to pay.

While the entry fee, initially feels quite steep for a one time visit, there really is plenty to see with so much to tell you about the Maritime history of the region.

The featured exhibition was the 50th anniversary of the Australia II, America's Cup win where the actual Australia II yacht was on display inside the building. 

Unfortunately the museum was a little over run by the same school excursion we had run into earlier (seemed like a group of at least 30 kids). They were fine, there just seemed like a lot of kids with a lot of energy running around the various exhibits.

The Round House

After the Maritime Museum we circled back to the Round House, on top of the rock above the whaling tunnel. When the house, which is a former jail, is open, I believe it is a gold coin donation to go inside.

It's not a particularly large building but there's plenty of history on display. You can even try out the public stocks if you feel so inclined. The friendly staff will help you into them.

The Stocks at the Round House.
Public Stocks inside the Round House. The gentleman on the right is one
of the friendly staff members who will help you get into the stocks.

Ben & Jerry's

From here we headed back toward Freo's shopping district and café strip. Stopped at Ben & Jerry's for a choc mint ice cream in a chocolate cone. Kathy had the same but with butterscotch ice cream.

Ice Cream at Ben & Jerry's store.
Ice Cream at Ben & Jerry's.

It was starting to get late so we decided to go over to the nearby IGA and pick up a few groceries, then went to Target so Enigma could buy face washers before heading back to the car and retiring to our apartment for the evening.


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